Croatia, a small country for a great vacation!

This year is expected to be a record breaker as tourism is concerned for Croatia as it was chosen as the no. 1 tourist destination in the world, selected by the American travel goide “Lonely Planet”, Croatia was chosen as the most sought after tourist destination.

With a land area of just 56,700 square km. Croatia has 7 national parks and 6 natural parks. It also boasts 5,790 km. of  superb sea shore, with 1,187 untouched and unpopulated islands (of which just 67 are inhabited) which are surounded by crystal clear and clean sea. Our biggest islands are Krk and Cres.

Objectively speaking, we call our land “Ljepa Naša” .. “ Our Beautiful”, because nowhere on earth is there so much beauty on such a small land mass. It is no wonder that even in the old times the Romans had built themselves many villas, baths and resorts. Tourism in Croatia in the new age started expanding in the nineteenth century with the arrival of the Italians, Checks, Austrians and Hungarians who detected the beautiful beaches of the Istrian and Dalmatian coasts.

Today in this young free and democratic country of ours tourism is beggining to be seriously developed.  Those who visit Croatia once will surely return again. We hope that for those who still don’t know about us for now and accidentally or intentially stumble across these web pages, choose to come and visit “Our Beautiful” country.

The best time for a great stay on our shores is between April till October. The temperature in summer reaches as high as 38°C, and the pemperature of the water is a pleasant 26°C. high season period (between July and August) offers the tourist great enterntainment and excitement, however diversity of the Croatian coast offers a quiet oasis for those who are after peace and tranquility, away from the music of the disco clubs. March brings with it the Spring sun but sometimes an unpleasant rain storm as well, where as an early Autumn (September and October) are ideal times for those looking for rest and relaxation. Outside the season the beaches aren’t so populated with bathers and the prices of accomodation are sizeably lower whilst the weather stays stable and the water temperature pleasant. Generally speaking, to travel alongside the Croatian coast one can do throughout the year. During winter one does need to bring warmer clothes of course regardless of the mild mediterannean climate. Even though the temperature never comes down to 0°C, the wind can be unkind.                                 

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Croatia is a mediterainean country ideal for a vacation retreat. Even if it is amongst the smallest countries in Europe, it truly is blessed with wide ranging variation of regions, from mountains and valleys to coasts and islands. In a relatively small area of Croatia exists a landscape for which one would seek in secluded areas of  europe or other parts of the world. This is the place where everyone can find themselves a nook for rest and relaxation. Many of those who go on holidays outside their country more and more choose to visit our beautiful Croatia. Croatia holidays from England and Ireland are affordable and practical. In fact when you travel Croatia you will only then understand just why so many fall in love with her and keep coming back year after year.

Croatia is a delightful country (the land of a thousand islands), a tourist mecca situated in the southeast of europe. Populated with natural beauty, rich culture and tradition. We call our country “ Our Beautiful” which also happens to be the name of our national anthem “Our Beautiful Homeland”. Weather you travel Istria, the Dalmatian coast or the Plitvice lakes (inland), you are guaranteed to have a great holiday in Croatia. The hospitality, affordable prices, warm, clean and crystal clear blue sea, beautiful cities and idilic towns are a joy for any one to experience. Unforgetable national parks, the sun, extraordinary and delicious food and drink, amusements, all this and much more is worthy of a visit to Croatia. So spend your next vacation in Croatia, you’ll be delighted you did and you’ll keep coming back as most do.

Experience the beauty of Croatia, come to Croatia for your next vacation and enjoy yourself in our crystal clear blue sea with a thousand islands, lovely climate, historical cities and towns sun ripe country sites and untouched nature.

Some helpful information:

For entrance into and transportation in Croatia, you need to have an insurance “green card”,  registration card and a valid drivers licence. During the summer season the border crossings are more congested than normal. The road toll is collected on highways and bridges. At these toll points one can pay by cash, credit cards (American Express, Diners, Master Card, Maestro, Visa), even with foreign currency (according to the exchange rate PBZ).

If you wish to rent a car from the regular rent-a-car agencies you need to be at least 23 years old, and ofcourse have a valid drivers licence. Most of the international rent-a-car agencies have their own offices in the larger Croatian cities, especially in the tourist places. The allowable blood alcohol level is 0.00%. Gas service stations are open between 7-20 hr. in summer and some even till 22hrs. However there are some that are open 24-a-day as well. If you decide to bring with you a pet into croatia, be aware that you need to have documents of their vacination.

Topless bathing is accepted on all beaches, however nudism is allowed in designated areas only. Of course, on our coast there is always an isolated natural beach one can find.

Vacation rentals in Croatia are in high demand. Vacation rentals in Rovinj, Croatia for example are at times so highly sought after that during peak season it’s almost impossible to find anythind available that’s anywhere near the coast, the same applies for the top tourist destinations in Croatia like Dubrovnik. So it is always advisable for one to book well in advance so you are not disappointed.

Sailing vacations in Croatia are very popular too and you can see why, when you have so much sea and more islands than you can count it’s no wonder.

If you travel to Croatia for any reason just once, you will fall in love and keep coming back. In fact travel Croatia any way you choose since there are so many ways to enjoy Croatia holidays. Some ask, how do average people travel within croatia, well you can do it in diferent ways, Croatia rail travel is one way, if you’re on a budget or you just wish to train travel Croatia you can do so easily and at a reasonable price and it will give you the oppportunity to see a whole lot more this way. One can also bus travel Croatia, that’s another great way to see many places you may not normally if you went the rent-a-car way which is also a great method, and many just come with their own cars too. Travel to Croatia is more affordable now than ever before.

A couple of companies like Ryanair have flights travel to croatia daily so you really have a great opportunity now to come on down and experience this beautiful country of ours. Croatia travel information can be gotten in any croatia travel agency. A croatia travel agent can help you in many ways and with a lot of information you wouldn’t always get over the Internet. Travel guides to Croatia  can be picked up in most travel agencies.