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I’m happy to see that you are seriously thinking about spending your holidays in Rovinj and believe me you’ll be delighted.

In view of the fact that our economy has dropped somewhat, and we have mainly our tourism industry to depend on, we all try and ensure more than ever that our guests have a great time and wonderful memory of Rovinj so they continue coming back again and again (as they do).
Rovinj is a small fishing town of aprox. 13,000 inhabitants so everything you may possibly need is close by.
To get to Rovinj’s town centre would take you about 15 – 20 minutes of casual walking, Cuvi beach is 5 – 10 minutes away, the market and drug store about 2 – 3 minutes.

The house is situated in ‘Valpereri street’ in the ‘Valbruna II Jug’ quarter, a relatively new part of town.

If you continue driving from the town centre to the ‘Valbruna II Jug’ quarter along ‘Aleja 30. Svibnja’, you would arrive at the township of ‘Villas Rubin’ and  auto camp ‘Polari’.

Note that ‘Ulica Aleja 30. Svibnja’ is a dead-end street which finishes at the entrance to the ‘kamp Polari’.

Dead-end streets in Rovinj are very common.

The town planners wanted to copy the old town design onto the new townships, which they succeeded!

I congratulate them on this.

When politicians choose the most talented designers this is what usually happens.

Why do i write this?

In case you arrive by car without a GPS … write down the phone number of the home owner you made your reservation with, then ask any local passer-by to call the owner to come and meet you.

Simple and fast!

As for my home, you won’t have a problem finding it.

Firstly, Valpereri street is a little bigger street and known for its good standing members (a good number of politicians live here).

Secondly, in the courtyard is a large (little rusty now) steel pergola for the grape vine – which I haven’t sown yet nor have I been enthusiastic enough to paint the frame yet.

What else do I write here?

Yes, the apartmants!

I have five apartmants which were designed to accomodate 3-4 ocupants. The apartmants are fully furnished for a comfortable stay.

I’ll try and show all the equipment in the photos, however if you’re accustomed to something I don’t have or offer, you’re more than welcome to bring your own.

All apartmants are fitted with air-contitioning and sattelite TV which you may use free of charge. Also when using the air-conditioner it would be appreciated if you would make sure the windows are close.

There is ample secure parking in front of Murano (our home) where it may stay there for the whole time you are in Rovinj as a car will really not be necessary here.

As for the use of the Internet, you have a WIFI connection also free of charge.

Holidaying with a Dog

Pets …… 6 Euro /night ( paid separately on arrival )

In the event you wish to bring your pet dog with you, you may but you must also bring their bed, including blankets.
We do not allow pets to sleep on our beds for health reasons and you will also understand that their hair can be extremely difficult to remove later. (Thank you in advance).
In the event that pet hair is left on our blankets, understand that we need to buy new blankets.
Please ensure that your dog doesn’t disturb or annoy other guests and keep in mind that not everyone is a dog lover and that some children may have a fear of dogs. Be also aware that a barking dog at night, whilst may sound soothing to their owner can keep other guests awake.

Pet beaches.

If you plan to take your dog to the beach, it will be worth checking which are dog friendly beaches, and Cuvi cove is one of them.
In Cuvi cove it is permitted to bathe one’s dog but in designated areas.

In designated areas dogs are also allowed to roam off the leash but only under the supervision and responsibility of their owners in the morning hours of 6.00 hours till 9.00 hours and in the evenings between 17.00 hours and 19.00 hours.

Exceptions exist between the dates of 20 September till the 30 April when dogs are allowed to roam off the leash under supervision and responsibility of their owners around the maritime land and water areas between the times of 7.00 till 9.00 and 16.00 till 19.00 hours.


Holiday with bicycles

A good suggestion would be (if possible) to bring your bicycles with you, you’ll have a great time with them.
As for the bicycle rentals, (which have gone up to 7-10 €/day) it may be cheaper to purchase a new one in the shop as it could cost you the same as if you rented one for say a ten day vacation.

Explore the closer vicinity of Rovinj by bike. In the area of Rovinj there are four marked biking trails for recreational bikers.

All tracks are adapted to recreationists and what makes them interesting is the numerous attractive cultural and natural sites you come across while biking.

Cuvi beach

Cuvi beach

Cuvi beach is only 5 – 10 minutes walk from my home. You walk past 5 houses then down to the beach through a protected ”green belt” area and forest.

To tell you honestly, Rovinj ( Istria ) has no sandy beaches, the beaches here are stony or pebbly, however for this very reason it ensures us crystal clear and clean beaches and believe me you’ll like it better than the sand. At times there are little shallow sandy bays here and there but they’re usually full of children.

Like the others the beach cove Cuvi is also a mix of pebble and stone which assures an extremely clean and clear water. As with all coves Cuvi too has smaller sandy parts which are normally reserved for children.

One piece of advice is to bring with you (or buy here) a pair of thongs or sandals as the rocks in some places around Rovinj are known to be a little sharp.

Arrival - Departure


On the day of your arrival the apartment will be ready and waiting for you from 13.00 hrs (1 pm) .


You are required to leave your apartment by 10.00 hrs (10 am) on the day of your departure.

The time between 10.00 to 13.00 hrs is needed for cleaning and preparations for future guests.

Barbecue in the yard

I have a (free of charge) gas barbecue in the yard which is also at my guests disposal.
In case you may not be familiar with it, please feel free to ask me and I’ll be happy to show you how to use it.
I don’t have an issue even if you ask me to cook whatever you may have prepared.
There are two markets (shops) within 2-3 minutes walking distance from my home.
There is a large terrace in the yard that is also at your disposal (again free of charge).
You can even prepare your breakfast there. I try my best to assure your stay in Rovinj is as pleasurable and comfortable as possible.

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Property Types Holiday Home
Country Croatia (Hrvatska)
Guests Rovinj Apartments Rentals in Istria
Latitude 45.072338
Longitude 13.651946